This is a mind blowing product that is 

Naturaly made to regain your skin colour and texture.Gives you a glowing and Radiance skin Irrespective of the skin you have


NEW Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream Clears Sunburns, Dark Eyes Circles, Reddish Face, Dark Spots, Wrinkles, Pimples, Fine Lines And Other Skin Parches Guaranteed …Dermatologists Recommended

Gives you back that firm, smooth, beautiful and glowing flawless baby skin  you desire in 14 Days.

Are you tired of using make-up everytime you want to go out because of your wrinkles, sunburns and dark spots you got from past chemical creams


Are you tired of people making fun of your face because of the dark eyes circle, sunburn and spots on you face? 

Are you tired of people calling you old woman every time you go out because of your sunburns, wrinkles and spots?

✅You have used so much so called skin care products and yet no visible improvement

✅  tried so many cosmetics still you haven’t gotten what good for your skin

  • I know how it feels spending much and getting no results I was in same situation like you. I suffered skin care problem not until I traveled to Dubai and I was recommended this product that I got my breakthroughs

In fact the effectiveness of this product that motivate me to become there distributor here in Nigeria so that I can be of help to people that are facing same challenge like me


…Rest Assured Our Aneeza Gold Beauty  Face & Body kit Cream Will Clear Your Face  And Make You Feel Comfortable And Become More Beautiful Again.

Imagine the freedom and confidence you’ll have by next 14days once your face and body is cleared from wrinkles,knuckles and sunburn.


Think about the complements you’ll get from family, friends and strangers alike once your dark spots and sunburn are gone.

One drop of sweat from you and people will want to lick the floors, cos your beauty and glow will be a never-before-seen kind to them.

You become like a sweet-16 whose face has never been affected before, because there’ll be no traces of past cream reactions anywhere.

Imagine how attractive, beautiful and stunning your face will be when you go out in the next few weeks after using our face and body cream to moisturize and restore your face back to its youthful glow again, without any blemishes on your face.

Think about the joy, happiness and self-confidence you will experience when you no longer have to battle sunburns, wrinkles, dark spots or any face blemishes at all.

Every person that walk pass you by next two weeks will complement how glowing and beautiful your fine face and new found young beauty is.

Truth is, you will be seen as a RARE classy diamond woman, better and different from every other woman around wherever you are present. Make the crowd feel your presence.

Imagine how awesome you’ll feel flaunting your beautiful sunburns-FREE face and body around and never have to hide because of past cream reactions, dark spots or wrinkles.

…You Become FLAWLESS

You see, having a flawless face skin beauty, getting rid of sunburns and dark spots that resulted from using past creams is no longer an issue, thanks to our Aneeza Gold face and body kit cream.

Our Whitening Face Cream has been proven by millions of customers nationwide to help aging women eliminate wrinkles, sunburns, dark eyes circles and spots, while making them more beautiful, flawless, elegant and stunning …irrespective of how their faces got spoilt.

This Face Cream work to safely eliminate any sunburns and darks spots on your face and neck.

And that’s why it’s the BEST!

More importantly,   Aneeza cream will remove every dark spot on your skin and sunburn on your face and bring out your true bright face beauty and make you look more younger, shinning and beautiful.

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Product Description

Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream With Avacado & Aloe Vera Original product from Pakisthan.

Very effective For: Daily Care, Skin Whitening, Skin Brightening, Fairness, Skin Lightening, Radiance & Glow, Spot Removal For Women & Men

Application Area: Face and body Reduce the Hyper- Pigmentation for Brighter, smoother & even Toned Skin Complexion 


Aneeza Gold whitening soap contains natural ingredients, a unique formulation that makes you fairer naturally, for best results lather the soap for 2 minutes on face and body and rinse off.

It also removes blemishes, brown freckles and black spots to give you a clear and glowing complexion also it remove pimpeles, frackles and spots refines your beauty and beautiful …


Aneeza whitening serum⇒#3,000

Aneeza whitening soap⇒#2,000

Aneeza whitening lotion⇒#6,000

Aneeza face cream⇒#5,000

summary total⇒16,000k

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DONT Buy Aneeza You See In Market Or Stores!!

It might sound strange But it true 90% of the so called ANEEZA creams you’ll see in pharmacies, saloons and online stores are fake and over-hyped piece of garbage…that don’t work!


If you doubt me, stop reading this right now, go and buy any of them and try out… I guarantee you that you’ll come back to me 1 month later crying because you have wasted both your money and time.
During first covid19 outburst all countries was close i couldnt order from dubai and i ran out of stock i decide to check in a popular supermarkets  called hallmark but what i got was ADULTRATED[fAKE] So only buy from distributors Like us
No,Aneeza  cream does not bleach or tone you at all.it has no bleaching ingredients it made with pure organic 
This depends on the skin type, your age and the condition of your skin. There are immediate effects you can see and feel – fine lines are reduced and the skin is moisturized and smooth. Some of our customers start seeing results in as little as 3 days, others take one week and some see results in 2 weeks or 1 month, some other few have to wait till 6-8 weeks and may probably use more than 1 bottle to start seeing results – so it depends on skin type, age and skin condition. If it’s about working – the cream will work for sure but it’s not a magic something, you have to apply it well, be patient and consistent and the results you seek will come.
Use it Twice everyday for quick results. But if you have sensitive skin, just use once at night before you go to bed.
Aneeza Gold Is a Top Global Skincare Brand. Our Products Come DIRECTLY from pakistan and formulated in Dubai and are not locally made in Nigeria. Our products have been tested abroad and worked so well that we have certificates like MSDS, ISO, FDA that ensures we meet high quality cosmetics standard so you have nothing to worry about. You get quality skincare at an affordable fee without paying huge shipping rates as you’re used to for buying cosmetics abroad.
It works! That’s just the gospel truth. You’ve seen with your own eyes video testimony from real Nigerian women like you – so you know this works and by the time you’re done using our products you’d be so excited and believe so much in our products that you’ll bring your friends and family to patronize us.
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Are you tired of using make-up everytime you want to go out because of your wrinkles, sunburns and dark spots you got from past chemical creams?  Then this cream is for you
✅Are you tired of people making fun of your face because of the dark eyes circle, sunburn and spots on you face?Then get Aneeza and start rocking your skin dear
✅Are you tired of people calling you old woman every time you go out because of your sunburns, wrinkles and spots? Run and get Aneeza Now 
✅Are you tired of using foundation everytime because of sunburns and wrinkles?My dear get Aneeza
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✅Aren’t you tired of strangers calling you granny every time you go out because of your sunburns and wrinkles and faded complexion?Get Aneeza Kit. And You Will Thank Me Later!


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