Hair Removal Spray, Hair Stop Growth Spray



  • ▲The spray is the most natural hair removal for men or women,it’s gentle on your skin and won’t cause burning ,Natural and fresh scent instead of strong smell. Can supplement nutrition for the skin after hair removal, keep the skin away from dry and itchy.
  • 【Convenient & Easy】Spray design makes this hair removal more convenient to use. Spray it on the skin area where you want to have hair removed. Wait for about 8 minutes, then wipe the hair with towel or tissue paper. Easy to use at home secretly.
  • 【Worry-Free Ingredient】Made from plant-derived extracts, aloe, chrysanthemum and hyaluronic acid, this hair stop growth spray is skin-friendly for both men and women. Gently get off unwanted hair.
  • 【For Full Body】This hair inhibitor is painless, it can be used for full body, such as face, hands, legs, arms, underarms, bikini and all the skin area you have hair ripped off.
  • 【Great Effectiveness】After consecutively applying this hair inhibitor for 8 minutes, you can get a 100% effective result of removing the unwanted hair. It is a money saving and worthy try. Do it by yourself to make your skin smooth.
  • 【Regain Confidence】With this hair removal spray, you can regain confidence in public with smooth skin. The glycerin could moisturize and nourish your skin when using.


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